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List of Dragons in
Mythology and Folklore

Everyone seems to want a list, whether they are going shopping or pursuing dragons in mythology and folklore.

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· Aido Wedo, the Rainbow Serpent of Dahomey mythology

· Apalala, a mythical river dragon who was converted to Buddhism

· Apep or Apophis the giant snake or serpent from Egyptian mythology

· Azazel is described as a dragon in the Apocalypse of Abraham

· Azhi Dahaka in Avestan mythology.

· Qinglong, in Chinese mythology, one of the Four Symbols (Chinese constellation)

· Bolla (also "Bullar"), the sleeping dragon of Albanian mythology

· Brnensky drak (The dragon of Brno), the dragon killed nearby Moravian city (legend)

· Con rit is a water dragon from Vietnamese mythology

· The Devil appears as a "great red dragon" in the Book of Revelation

· Dragon Kings, from Chinese mythology

· The Dragon of Loschy Hill, of Yorkshire folklore

· The Dragons of St. Leonard's Forest, of Sussex folklore

· Fafnir, transformed dragon (Germanic mythology)

· The Green Dragon of Mordiford, of Herefordshire folklore

· Gorynych, the most famous of Russian dragons

· Huanglong, the Yellow Dragon of the Center, in Chinese mythology

· The Knucker from Lyminster in Sussex

· Lagarfljótsormurinn, A worm/dragon living in the Lagarfljót, near Egilsstaðir, Iceland.

· The Hydra, also called the Lernaean Hydra, from Greek Mythology is described as a dragon-like animal

· Illuyankas from Hittite mythology

· Ladon from Greek mythology

· The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh, of Northumbrian legend

· The Lambton Worm, of Northumbrian legend

· The Ljubljana dragon, the protector dragon of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia

· The Longwitton dragon, of Northumbrian legend

· Lotan/Leviathan from Levantine mythology and Hebrew scriptures, a demonic dragon reigning the waters

· The Meister Stoor Worm of Orkney legend

· Mushussu, musrussu or sirrush, the Babylonian dragon from the Ishtar Gate

· Níðhöggr (the 'Dread Biter', also spelled Nidhogg) and Jörmungandr the Midgard's Worm from Norse mythology

· Ouroboros the "tail-eater."

· Orochi, the eight-headed serpent slain by Susanoo in Japanese mythology

· Python, from Greek mythology, the snake killed by Apollo

· Quetzalcoatl from Aztec mythology has a dragon-like aspect

· Ryūjin was the dragon god of the sea in Japanese mythology.

· Sárkány, dragon of Hungarian mythology

· Seiryū, the Japanese name for the azure dragon

· Smok Wawelski (the Wawel Dragon) from Polish mythology, was killed by a clever shoemaker's apprentice

· The Tarasque, tamed by Saint Martha

· Tiamat and Apsu from Babylonian mythology are sometimes considered dragons

· Typhon from Greek mythology is often thought of as a dragon

· The Whitby Wyrm of Yorkshire Folklore

· Xiuhcoatl is a serpent from Aztec mythology

· Yaw from Levantine mythology and the dragon in the Book of Revelation

· Y Ddraig Goch, the Red dragon of the Brythons (the white dragon that it killed in the story of Lludd and Llevelys is that of the Saxons)

· Zilant, by the Tataro-Bulgarian mythology lived in present-day Kazan and is represented on the city's coat of arms

· Zirnitra, dragon-god in Wendish mythology. It was later used in the Royal Danish heraldry as a representation of Wendland

· Zmey Gorynych - The dragon of the Slavic mythology. Its name is translated as "Snake son-of-mountain" (due to the fact it lives in a mountain), it has three heads, wings, and it spits fire.

· The unnamed five-headed dragon subdued by the Buddhist goddess Benzaiten at Enoshima in Japan in A.D. 552

· The unnamed dragon (referred to by the Saxon draca and wyrm) defeated by Beowulf and Wiglaf in the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf.

· The unnamed dragon defeated by Saint George.

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This list has been obtained in whole or in part from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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